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Tuesday 16 April 2024
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Meow Movie Review

Computer Graphics cat plays a vital role. Meow is an exclusive sound which kick the audience, the director intrusted and the script based on a cat performance, it is an all time CG cat appears on screen and in the story the cat was taken care by a small girl initial stage named as Selfie, even who likes pet animals for them it gives a sound film, Meow is a repugnance thriller many sequels are believed on a cat who plans to take avenge for the youngsters.

Story: Meow film director Chinas Palanisamy had showed on screen a pet animal who loves the animals sure makes an eager to them. Opening, a child cares about a cat and it was shown to gentle way and scenes are jumping the soft cat changing into a vigorous animal. In a flat a small girl keeps a pet cat and its name was Selfie, in the same flats, fearless guys who have been always frequently consume alcohol and they engaged themselves in a room, even find for the ladies in all the time. On this condition among the four guys each of them loses their life in the same flat in a suspect way. By observing a CCTV footage the police and a modeling Sughana observed a cat is doing all the murders. Go over the film, why the reason a soft cat change over as a tempestuous animal.

In the song sequels and in the angry scenes while killing the guys, the original cat couldn’t see, apart from the CG cat can see often. An overall a cat is entertaining the viewers.

Verdict: Sounds less.


Cat * Selfie

Raja * Gowtham

Sanjay Micky * Karthi

Hayden * Kiran

Kumar * Aakash

Urmila Gayathri * Sughana

Shiny * Kutty


Production * Global Woods Movies

Producer * Vincent Adaikalraj

Director * Chinnas Palanisamy

Music * Sreeji Edavana

Edit* Sathish Surya

CG * Rajesh Acharya

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