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Tuesday 5 March 2024
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Achamindri Movie Review

Dramatic play * targeted to explicate an awareness of education pattern.

Synopsis: The director Rajapandi focused to convey a message and he tried to stuff with all sorts of entertainment elements and serious elements, for the comedy portions artists like Karunas and Devadharshini, Samuthirakani played in the sound character of a police role, Shakti and Srushti Dange used both in the script and love concept, Radha Ravi appeared as an educational Minister, not able to judge that he is in negative or positive role in the script and blasting the dialogues and getting the applause from the audiences in the court sequel. Neat, but not least in new dimension Saranya Ponvannan, her trendy performances are sentimental towards the mother’s character, but she breaks down the impression and acted in a negative role.

Story: Thalaivasal Vijay is a collector and arresting the group for a reason was doing forgery in public exam question papers and he was murdered in a fuzzy way. Pickpocket Shakti (Vijay Vasanth) fall love affair with Srushti Dange, both were getting under the hands of rowdies and by the Minister’s PA. Srushti Dange who applied revaluation (Servant’s daughter aim for state first, she looses her marks) and Shakti was stealing up a rowdy’s wallet. Another side Samuthirakani lover’s murdered. Background for all these confusions was a grabby educational head Rajalakshmi (Saranya Ponvannan) and her group of institutions, as they continue to obliterate several innocuous students to get a reputable name for her institutions. Finally, with a court sequel film gets over.

Verdict: Drama + message

Vijay Vasanth

Srushti Dange


Saranya Ponvannan

Radha Ravi

Vidya Pradeep

Thalaivasal Vijay

Directed by Rajapani

Produced by Vinoth Kumar

Music by Premgi Amaren

Cinematography * A. Venkatesh

Edited by Praveen . K. L

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