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Tuesday 18 June 2024
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Rangoon Tamil Movie Review

Rangoon Tamil Movie Review: The new movie which is coming to entertain audience with an intense action thriller is Rangoon. This film has much to talk about with A.R. Murugadoss along with Fox Star Studios producing it. The trailer seemed impressive and attracted much attention towards the film by grabbing A.R. Murugadoss into the film. Now it is one of the biggest movies to compete with biggies.

Rangoon is tamil action crime drama film written and directed by Rajkumar Periasamy and produced by AR Murugadoss. The film features Gautham Karthik in the leading role and 8 Thottakkal fame Lallu in a prominent role, while newcomer Vikram RH composes the film’s music. Vishal Chandrasekhar will compose the film’s background music. The movie is also co-produced by Fox Star Studios and distributed by them as well.

Story: A thrilling action-drama about three friends who are betrayed during a high-value gold deal in Burma. The film is set against the never-before explored Burmese community in North Chennai. The three friends who do small business in Chennai will be exporting some illegal goods out of the country like gold and gets caught in between the events. The film is all about how this is going to work out and what happens next can be watched in the theatre.

Time passes by, and his dad sooner is no more. Venkat is a slightly ill disciplined and grownup man by now. Kumaran and another bloke named Tip Top (Daniel) are now the best buddies of Venkat, and with whom he wastes his precious life away. With a little bit of recommendation, Venkat lands a job at Gunaseelan’s (Siddique) jewellery shop, this sucks him into a web of shady underground business activity. But Venkat is nonetheless up for the challenge and deeply impresses Gunaseelan, who eventually gives him a daring job: smuggle in money from Myanmar in exchange for generous amounts of gold.

In the meantime, Venkat’s private life has been moving along and he meets Natasha (Sana,), a club singer who likewise reciprocates his love for her. So, this final job becomes a hindrance of sorts, but nonetheless, Venkat and his associates successfully reach Rangoon, get hold of the money, but finds an hitch of sorts while on their way back: the bag goes missing! In deep trouble, Guna still gives them a final chance to procure the amount one way or another, and Venkat now literally has to fight his enemies to reach an agreeable conclusion with his former employer. An unexpected twist in the tale takes place.

The main success of the film lies in its apt and brilliant casting by Rajkumar. Except Gautham and Siddhique, the entire casting is new and the director has extracted the best from each and every one including those in minuscule role.

Gautham Karthik has gone on an impressive transformation in terms of looks as well portrayal. He simply floors you off with his realistic and powerful act. He also shines in stunt sequences. Sana Makbul looks pleasant, although though she does not have much scope to perform. Siddhique as the smooth operating businessman proves that he is a veteran with his versatile acting. The actors who perform Gautham’s friends do their part well.

With a solid content, authentic detailing, well written characters, unexplored area, realistic approach, clean screenplay, enthralling action blocks by Anbariv, soothing songs by Vikram and engaging background score by Vishal Chandrashekar, and dazzling cinematography by Anish Tarun Kumar, Rajkumar Periyasamy’s (protege of AR Murugadoss) Rangoon is a gritty thriller that’s worth a watch!

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