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Saturday 15 June 2024
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Tube Light Tamil Movie Review

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Indra, Adithi, Pandiarajan

Protagonists with the peculiar medical problems have been the perfect template for film makers (Ghajini– Short Term Memory Loss, Anniyan– Split Personality) to grab the attention of the viewers. In Tubelight,debutant Indra, who is also the hero of the film introduces a new medical condition to Kollywood audiences—Auditory Processing Disorder.

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In simple terms, our hero (Indra) meets with an accident and begins to hear things only after a few seconds. Though the delay sounds easy, Indira has to hide it from his ladylove (Adhithi) to win her heart and he has an enemy, who is waiting for the right time to take revenge. In the meantime, Indra meets a crazy unlucky doctor (Pandiarajan), who tortures him in the name of treatment. Indra wants to come out all these issues and lead a normal life but things are not that easy!

First things first, Tubelight has its own flaws, the film’s concept is interesting but towards the end, the screenplay fizzles out with a weak villain and usual romance angle. The initial sequences between Indira and Pandiarajan are enjoyable but the director left it in the middle to concentrate on romance and revenge angle, which is the film’s biggest flaw. As a matter of fact, Tubelight is an engaging watch till the intermission but post that, the script weakens with too many subplots.

Indra is definitely talented, he has given an adequate performance, handled a unique concept and also delivered endearing songs ( easily, one of the most underrated albums of this year). However, being a newcomer and handle multiple things, chances for imperfection is more and sadly, it has affected the quality of the film. Pandiarajan once again attracts us with his comic sense and his backstory also sounds exciting. Heroine Adhithi looks homely and justified her character to an extent.

Director Indra shines with his comic writing that he makes us smile at constant intervals but as a film, Tubelight is just an average watch only because of the predictable second half and climax.

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