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Friday 23 February 2024
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Rajinikanth meets fans for the first time in 8 years

Superstar Rajinikanth today said he has no political aspirations but will consider taking the path “if it’s God’s will”. He also said if he enters politics, he will be truthful and won’t entertain people who want to make money.

“God decides what we have to do in life. Right now, he wants me to be an actor and I’m fulfilling my responsibility. God willing, I will enter politics tomorrow. If I enter, I will be very truthful and will not entertain people who are in this to make money. I won’t work with such people,” Rajinikanth told his fans at a meet-and-greet in Chennai.

The 66-year-old star described his brief stint in politics two decades ago as a “political accident”. In 1996, during Tamil Nadu Assembly election campaign, Rajinikanth had denounced the late J Jayalalithaa and her politics. His strong remarks had caused her defeat.

“I did a mistake by supporting a political alliance 21 years ago. It was a political accident. Since then, politicians have misused my name on several occasions. But I have to clarify, I’m not joining any party,” he added.


The Tamil superstar said some parties have claimed his support for votes. “They have associated my name with politics and some parties drag my name with money too. Some parties, for votes, even claimed I have supported them. That’s why I have clarified that I don’t support anyone. And nobody has my backing,” the 66-year-old actor said.

Rajinikanth made the statements at a meeting with fans he held after a gap of eight long years at Raghavendra Mandapam in Chennai today. According to reports, nearly a thousand fans from across Tamil Nadu came to meet their icon, who also took pictures with Rajinikanth individually.

Rajinikanth fans have often asked their ‘Thalaivar’ (leader) to take the political plunge, even as he has been wooed by many political parties on account of his mass appeal. Recently, there were reports that the BJP is trying to rope in the superstar for its plunge into the mainstream of the turbulent Tamil Nadu politics.


Rajinikanth also confirmed he will commence shooting for his next yet-untitled Tamil project with director Pa Ranjith from May 28 on. He was accompanied by Tamil director SP Muthuraman at the meeting.

When his Kabali released last year, some people took potshots at Rajinikanth for the surge in ticket pricing. He was also criticised for giving a ‘flop’ film.

Despite opening to mixed reviews, Kabali became the highest grossing Tamil film last year. Speaking at the venue, Rajinikanth said, “Kochadaiiyaan and Lingaa didn’t do well at the box office, but Enthiran and Kabali were hits.”



“(But) my name has been dragged into politics for the past two decades. I am pushed to clarify during every election that I’m not affiliated to any political party,” he said.

Rajinikanth regretted that he had not been able to meet fans as regularly as he wished to.

“I was supposed to meet you all two months ago but had to postpone it to accommodate more fans. So, I cancelled the previous meet-and-greet session. Later, I was supposed to go to Sri Lanka for an event. Again I had to cancel it for various reasons. A lot of media reports followed saying, ’Rajinikanth doesn’t stick to his decision. He is apprehensive’ and so on.” He said he thought “wisely” before he took a decision.

“If you step into the water and later realise that there are crocodiles in it, you shouldn’t brave them and refuse to step out of the water. Such blind courage will take you nowhere,” he said.


He shrugged off allegations that he did “certain stunts” before a film’s release to ensure its success at the box office.

“With the blessings of my fans and Tamils intact, I don’t need to do that. My fans are not fools to be deceived by this. A film will succeed only if it is good. Even if you do somersaults, bad content will flunk,” he said.

The actor had some advice to give his fans — not to touch alcohol and cigarettes.

“Please take care of your families and children. Give up drinking and smoking. Even wealthy people in business have lost their empires because of alcohol addiction, which not only spoils one’s physical health but mental wellbeing, too. It will diminish your decision-making skills and your crucial decisions in life will eventually go wrong,” he warned.



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