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Sunday 14 April 2024
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Senjittale En Kadhala Movie Review

Movie Name:Senjittale En Kadhala (Tamil Movie)
Release Date:7th Apr, 2017
Synopsis:A guy who is dejected following a breakup with his girlfriend goes missing, and his family and friends launch … more
Director:Ezhil Durai
Genre:Drama, Romance
Cast & Crew:Abhinaya Anand, Ezhil Durai, Mathumitha
Writer:Ezhil Durai
Run Time:1 hrs 46 mins

Debutante Ezhil Durai has directed the film Senjittale En Kadhala which has hit the screens today. He has also acted as the lead actor in this film. Now let’s see whether this movie, which has also few other new actors, manages to impress us.


The hero of the film, Veera, who desires to do a business by his own, falls for Anu. Anu also reciprocates his love. But with the turn of events, Anu turns out to be the villain of the movie. Watch the movie to know how it proceeds.

Star Performances

Debutante Ezhil does an average job as an actor. However he emerges a winner as the director. The heroine Madhumila is also just ok in her role. The rest of the cast including Ajay Rathnam, Mahanadi Shankar etc. give commendable performances.


The movie delves into the attitude of today’s generation.

What’s there?

The cinematography by Manish Murthy is good.

What’s not there?

• There are some double meaning dialogues in the movie.

• There is dearth of logic in some scenes.

• BGM of the film is not up to the mark.


An average attempt by the debutant director.

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