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Monday 22 April 2024
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“KADAIKUTTY SINGAM” Movie News, Stills

Actor Karthi Video interview regarding “KADAIKUTTY SINGAM”


Actress ARTHANA BINU Video interview regarding “KADAIKUTTY SINGAM”


Director PANDIRAJ Video interview regarding “KADAIKUTTY SINGAM”


“I desperately came back from USA for I felt my joy and life in family and relatives here” – Karthi

What makes actor Karthi so much unique is that he doesn’t just get involved in a project to wear greasepaint, but gets completely blended as a whole to the film. His involvement is so intense that he shares the greatest things about it than anyone else in the team. His instantaneous note cited upon his forthcoming release ‘Kadaikutty Singam’ is as he says, “The film has so much of importance to family values and every character in the movie is so much important. They are unique in their nature. There comes a situation, where they’ll have to come together for solving an issue, which forms the basic premise of the story. It’s a film about a man born as the youngest child in the family after 5 sisters.”

Precisely, what impressed us a lot with the film’s trailer were the powerful dialogues for each line had its own value… Actor Karthi renders his thanksgiving to Pandiraj saying, “His spontaneity in writing powerful dialogues comes at an ease. I would say, this happens to be one of his major strengths.”

Just from the moment, it was brought under spotlights that Karthi is playing a farmer, there were certain guesses that Kadaikutty Singam could be focusing on issues of agriculture. But he rubbishes them as baseless facts. “It’s true that farmers are projected by news media as a subject to loss and suicide. But there is other side of it, where farming has been carried forth across generations. This film is about such a family, where agriculture has been a business and the protagonist from current generation tries to implement new techniques like organic farming. It’s somewhat based on the famous quote by Nammalvar Ayya who said, “Why fall into debt by getting things from outside, when you have the resource within to produce what you want.”

When asked Karthi if he had any personal reflection upon any scenes in the film to relate with his real life, he comes immediately responding, “I would say not just a single or couple of scenes, but the entire movie. There is so much of connection that would be felt by audiences as well.”

On speaking about his bonding with cousins and relatives in real life, Karthi says, “The power of staying closer with family is that they will come in aid of you even before you think about inviting them. I have such a real life instance, where the construction of my new house was in some issues. My cousin, who is a civil engineer called up in his own interest and came into picture, sorted out the issues and completed it within a short span of time. How do you think this happens? It’s not based on overnight bonding, but something we cherished from our childhood. But today, many have fallen into the western culture about asking for privacy. In fact, the reason I came back from USA was that I found more joy in family and relations rather than sticking to loneliness life across skyscrapers.”

Finally, winding up with the chat, there was something inquisitive that we wanted to ask him. The dialogue references involving Mahabharatham and Ramayanam by the end of Trailer. Karthi on a hilarious note adds, “Mahabharatham reflects my own family in the film with more number of brothers and sisters. In addition comes, Ramayanam in the form of the girl I love through her family.”

“Kadaikutty Singam will be a 100% entertainer with emotions and family values” – Pandiraj

Looking back into the list of movies that Pandiraj has made, he has always attempted with impressing family audiences. Over here, he is back with same method, this time with a much more significant theme in ‘Kadaikutty Singam’. There have been assumptions and claims citing that it’s a film based on ‘Agriculture’. But Pandiraj get on for a clarification saying, “Kadaikutty Singam will be a 100% entertainer with emotions and family values emphasized. We have brought forth the importance of Agriculture in the backdrops, but not completely about it. Usually, when the word ‘Farmer’ is quoted, it comes tagged with misinterpreted synonyms like poverty, low sector in the society and so on. But here, the film tries to project them in positive way, which is nothing but reality. Indeed, movies like Anandam and Surya Vamsam have inspired me, where family audiences enjoy them thoroughly even today. Henceforth, making such movies to their entertainment has been my motto. In Kadaikutty Singam, the story revolves around a huge family with 5 sisters, brother-in-laws and the youngest brother.”

Furthermore, director Pandiraj adds that ‘Emotions’ will play a key role in the movie. “Without emotions, there is nothing in any movie. Even the historical hits like Baahubali and Titanic had the emotional essence for which they were received well than just being a grand movie,” says Pandiraj.

The director tots up saying that Kadaikutty Singam will showcase the bonding between father and son. There will be an equal mix of fun, sentiments, action and music, which will offer the wholesome entertainment experience to the audiences.

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