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Saturday 22 June 2024
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Singam3 Movie Review

Movie: Singam 3

Banner: Studio Green
Cast: Suriya, Anushka Shetty, Shruti Haasan, Radhika, Sharad Saxena, Thakur Anoop Singh, Suri, Sharat Babu, Vijay Kumar and others
Cinematography: Priyan
Music: Harris Jayaraj
Editing: V T Vijayan
Fights: Kanal Kannan
Producer: Malkapuram Sivakumar, Gnanavel Raja
Story-Screenplay-Direction: Hari
Release date: Feb 09, 2017

Suriya and Hari have created “Singam” series seven years ago and the franchise has become hugely popular in all languages.

The first movie in the series was successfully remade in Hindi too. So, ever since the third installment was announced, the fans and general audiences have been waiting for its release.

Although the movie got postponed several times, the expectations on the movie have not diminished. So has the third part lived up to the standards set by the earlier parts? Let’s find out.

DCP Narasimham (Suriya), who belongs to AP cadre, is sent to Mangalore city when some gang kills the city’s Police Commissioner. As per rule, he cannot work in another state, but he is sent to Mangalore on central deputation.

Narasimham is married to Kavya (Anushka) but he tells everyone that he is divorced so that the gang would leave his wife.

In Mangalore, comes to know about MS Reddy (Sharat Saxena) and his link with Australian businessman Vittal Prasad (Thakur Anoop Singh).

The Australian businessman is dumping all the medical waste and other scrap from Australia in Mangalore. This whole nexus is interlinked with the killing of Police commissioner. How DCP Narasimham cracks the case is the rest of the story.

Artistes’ Performances:
If there is no Suriya, there is no Singam movie. He is the epitome of an angry young cop. As Narasimham aka Singam, he has lived in the role in the earlier versions and he is even more aggressive in this third part too. The movie is completely Suriya’s show.

Anushka who was also seen in the earlier two movies has played her continuation part but hers is minor role here. She looks very stout.

Shruti Haasan’s is regular masala movie heroine’s character that we see in Hari’s movies. She has played the journalist role but mostly does what Hansika did in the second part. Radhika and other actors have done their job well.

Technical Excellence:
Major feature of “Singam” movies has been the high-octane action episodes shot with high technical values.

Kanal Kannan’s action stunts are the main strength. He has come up with some good action episodes, while the cinematographer Priyan has filmed them in an equally grand way and those are edited with sharp pace.

The slick editing and rich photography are noticeable. Music by Harris Jayaraj is bad.

Suriya’s performance as Singam
Better second half
Classy taking
Racy action episodes

Weak story
Dull first half
Shruti and Anushka both lack appeal

The first and second parts in the “Singam” series have already prepared us what to expect from this third. While the first movie “Yamudu” was 100 percent paisa vasool cop drama, the second instalment was pretty average.

The third part also goes in same way but the racy action episodes and rich visuals in the second half make this movie worth a watch.

Truth be told, there is no dhum in the story at all. But director Hari makes the movie racy, giving us no time to think but enjoy Suriya’s action and performance. As always, Surya carries the entire film on his shoulders with his terrific charisma.

Since story is single point – bringing down the Australian businessman, there are no major twists and turns in the screenplay. This has made the movie seem lengthy. Despite typical Tamil style comedy track, it is Suriya who makes the movie interesting.

His aggressive performance, damn fit look, and terrific screen presence score over everything. And the action sequences deserve special mention. The container chase sequences are mind-boggling in the second half. The proceedings post-interval are super-racy.

There are many clap-worthy moments post-interval too. Though overall, the movie is not as gripping as the first part. But if you are fan of Suriya or Singam series, you will not be bored.

The director has completely followed the same template of earlier two movies but he has shot the film with classy production values. Though songs are shot richly, they are not catchy.

On the downside, the movie doesn’t have any novelty; it follows the same path of the first two parts. In the second part we have Hansika trying to win the love of Suriya, here Shruti Haasan fills in her shoes.

In earlier part, Suriya goes to some African country hunting the main villain; here he goes to Australia to do the same hunt.

As said earlier, director Hari’s grip in handling action episodes with high technical strength and extracting best output from heroes has helped this movie too. After “Yamudu”, Suriya has shown high energy now.

All in all, “Singam 3” works due to never-a-dull-moment in the second half, Surya’s excellent and fab performance and Hari’s racy narration. This is paisa vasool for Singam lovers.

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