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Sunday 14 April 2024
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X Video Tamil Movie Review

X Video Tamil Movie Review

X Videos Review: In today’s smartphone world, nothing is personal anymore. From pictures and videos to documents and simple forwards, all that you create/save on your gadget can be accessed by complete strangers. Some of the by-products of this advancement of technology are information theft, bank frauds and ‘homemade sex videos’. Sajo, in this Tamil-Hindi bilingual, has hoped to educate people on how anything you create on your smartphone can never be destroyed, and can potentially be seen by millions of people across the world. And he has partially succeeded, primarily because he repeats the theme in almost every scene.

The director wastes no time in diving right into the story, and we see reporter Manoj (Ajay Raj) and his colleague Danny (Nijay) asking people if they think porn sites should be shut down. When one of them says that these sites are responsible for many suicides, he checks out one of the websites, and is shocked to find his best friend Ankit’s (Prasanna Shetty) wife’s (Akriti Singh as Tripthi) video doing the rounds. Turns out, the video was shot by his friend himself because he wanted a ‘memory that will remind him how young and slim his wife was’ even after she piles on weight post childbirth! While Ankit commits suicide, Manoj becomes a man on mission – to find out who’s responsible for the leak and bring him to task. He takes help from his cop friend Imran (Shan), and his search leads him to Vikram (Praboojit) and his gang of disgruntled software professionals, who’ve launched a porn site featuring homemade, desi videos, procured from mobile technicians and techies who service phones and computers.

The film features mostly newcomers, and for debutants, they have pulled off their roles commendably. In scenes where he’s overcome with guilt and blames himself for the death of his friend, Ajay performs well, and Akriti scores when she expresses her reluctance to be shot while undressing. The sequences between Vikram and Imran evoke claps from the audience, making for some lighter moments.

Despite being a film on the flourishing porn industry, and with scope to add explicit, ‘X’-rated scenes, it’s commendable how Sajo has kept the content ‘clean’. But, it’s the scripting where he falters. The concept of the film is loud and clear, but he seems to have wavered while penning down the script. There are too many sub-plots within the story, and though the run time is less than two hours, you are thoroughly spent by the time you reach the climax. Oh, no pun intended.

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