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Sunday 14 April 2024
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Sema Movie Review

Sema Movie ReviewProduction: Pasanga Productions Cast: Arthana Binu, GV Prakash Kumar, Kovai Sarala, Yogi Babu Direction: Vallikanth Screenplay: Vallikanth Music: GV Prakash Kumar Cinematography: Vivek Anand Editing: Pradeep E Ragav Lyrics: Egadesi, Yugabharathi PRO: Suresh Chandra

G.V.Prakash Kumar has taken the rural route for the very first time, as an actor with Sema, and the film has released today, crossing all the hurdles.

Kuzhandhai (G.V.Prakash) has to get married within the next three months, as per his horoscope, and he is engaged to Magizhini (Arthana). Problems arise before their marriage, in the form of Magizhini’s father, Attack Balu (Mansoor Ali Khan), and their wedding becomes a question mark. Does Kuzhandhai get married within that stipulated time, and does he marry Magizhini, is what Sema is all about.

The director’s intention is simple and evident. He wants the audience to laugh out and leave the theatre with a smile. On that note, he has succeeded to an extent, as there are quite a few good laughter moments, but there are equal amount of dull and slow moments in the film, that tests the audience’s patience. Having travelled in a done and dusted path, Sema gives the feel of deja vu at many places.

Though the timely laughters are good, it doesn’t give a completeness after watching the film. The intended comedies in the last thirty minutes do not bring any laugh. No major twist or high points in the second half lowers the film’s impact. The predictability factor is also a tinge of worry. Director Pandiraj’s dialogues have a good touch of the nativity.

G.V.Prakash fits the role of Kuzhandhai, and as like the character name, he is very innocent on the screen. Not having any heroic buildups, and playing to the reality is appreciable. Arthana Binu’s girl next door look adds value and the girl does a decent job.

Yogi Babu gets a very good role, and with his body language and dialogue delivery style, he is scoring better and better with every film. His counters on Subramaniam Swamy, Sellur Raju, lyricist Snehan, and Baahubali, are sure to enlighten the audiences. Sujatha Sivakumar, Kovai Sarala, and Mansoor Ali Khan are good in their roles.

Vivekanand’s camera work carries the rural flavour well and G.V.Prakash, as a music director shines with the ‘Sandalee’ song. As a whole film, Sema has its moments in a handful of places but lacks the completeness.

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