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Tuesday 16 April 2024
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Mesmerizing range of deo fragrances from Spinz

Mesmerizing range of deo fragrances from Spinz

Eight exciting variants in vibrant packs designed to celebrate women of today

Chennai, 24 May, 2018 : Spinz Deo, the finest fragrance collection from the house of FMCG conglomerate CavinKare has launched an enchanting range of variants packed with sensuous notes. The intense fragrances come in vibrant packaging and capture the true essence of the changing facets of womanhood. With a perfect blend of fragrances extracted from handpicked flowers and exotic fruits, the renewed range of deodorants are available in eight captivating variants like – Enchante, Exotic, Livewire, Hi Flyer, Achiever, Explorer, Thrill Seeker and Trail Blazer.Designed in-house and created by the fragrance experts at CavinKare’s R&D facility, the new range has been crafted to redefine the young woman’s feminine side. Enchante is a fiery blend of fragrances extracted from the finest refreshing aromatic Lavender. It also contains lingering notes of Orange peel and lime/citrus fruits. This mesmerizing fragrance promises a long lasting effect for more than 8 hours.

Exotic – To kindle the high spirits of today’s women, Exotic has been carefully designed with a pink floral, musky fragrance in the base note combined with mild notes of hand-picked floral fragrances like Rose, Jasmine Violet and Muguet. The rather playful nuances of the floral fragrances in combination with the woody, musky notes truly portray the strong and feminine side of women.

Hi Flyer – The variants Hi Flyer and Achiever have been created to near perfection with ingredients from some of the finest perfumeries across the world. The predominant scent is white floral fragrance with top note of an exotic floral landscape of Jasmine and Orchid while the middle notes being elegant citrus-fruity punches of Peach, Black Currant, Bergamot, Mandarin on the Ylang-Ylang, Tuberose, Orange blossom along with the finishing touch of spicy-gourmand notes (bottom notes)at the end.

Achiever – Achiever has predominantly an Amber and woody fragrance along with fresh floral and spicy citrus notes; filled with bouquets of white floral, Ylang-Ylang, Rose and Lilly while it is perfectly rounded with bottom notes of Sandalwood, Amber and Musk to compliment the passion and unmatchable vigour of today’s women.

On the other hand, Explorer reminds one of the dewy fields from France. Explorer is a rejuvenating mix of select Ylang Ylang and Geranium. This spectacular fragrance has an undertone of spicy-woody touch of Guaiac and Cedar and rounding warm notes in combination with Ambers to suit the needs of active, energetic women.

In yet another cocktail of the fresh Bergamot, Thrill Seeker variant is the perfect reminiscence of summer with just the right amount of citrus, ice and mint to gives this deodorant an edge. This fragrance is best suited for the women who love adventures of the sea, reminding them of the cool beach breeze.

Trail Blazer – Aptly named as the Trail blazer, the fragrance is an innovative mix of citrus and Orange notes, just the like the women of today. Crafted to suit women from different walks of life, Trail Blazer is the goodness of all the fragrances in one pack. Designed in fiery red, the variant is infused with vibrant citrusy Orange, Guava combined with aromatic Dewberry, Lotus, Jasmine. The bottom notes of the fragrance of Cedar wood and Musk adds a magical touch to the variant.

Live Wire: The new Livewire perfumed deo from spinz brings you alive with its irresistible addictive aroma of warm Amber, Vanilla flowers melting with tempting fruits such as Peach, Apple, Tangerine. and highlighted with a touch of sweet Chocolate followed by middle floral spicy notes of Rose, Lotus, Cardamom; it completes with magic mix of Vanilla, Cedar wood and Musk.

The new, exciting ranges of fragrances are available across stores and eminent e-commerce sites in India in 150 ML along with few select variants in 75 ML. Spinz has also exclusively launched a pocket size 50 ML variant for the fragrances Enchante and Exotic for the convenience of the customers.

About CavinKare Pvt. Ltd : CavinKare is a diversified FMCG major with business interest in personal care, professional care, dairy, snacks, foods, beverages & salons. The brand portfolio consists of Shampoos (Chik, Meera, Karthika and Nyle), Hair Wash Powders (Meera & Karthika), Coconut Oil (Meera), Fairness creams (Fairever), Deodorant & Talc (Spinz), Pickles & Snacks (Ruchi, Chinni’s & Garden), Hair Colours (Indica), Retail Salon Products (Raaga Professional), Beverages (Maa), Dairy (Cavin’s), and Beauty Salons (Green Trends &Limelite). Most of the brands are clear winners in their respective product categories. A dedicated R&D center equipped with latest equipment and technologies constantly supports the divisions in their endeavor. Today with a turnover of around Rs. 1600 crore, CavinKare has achieved many significant milestones while acquiring a competitive edge backed by sound understanding of the dynamics of mass marketing to establish a firm foothold in the national market. CavinKare’s success is based on it being firmly grounded to its corporate mission- ‘we shall achieve growth by continuously offering unique products and services that would give customers utmost satisfaction and thereby be a role model’.

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