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Saturday 22 June 2024
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Brand ambassador Shruti Hassan launches ‘Royale Atmos’, a revolutionary air purifying paint by Asian Paints

Brand ambassador Shruti Hassan launches ‘Royale Atmos’, a revolutionary air purifying paint by Asian Paints

• Asian Paints survey reveals consumer awareness about indoor air pollution and concerns about its health impact

• Asian Paints Royale Atmos rises as the solution to indoor air pollution

• This innovative new paint combats indoor pollution by neutralizing harmful pollutants in the air which reduces pollution levels within the home

CHENNAI, MARCH 1, 2017: Did you know that the air indoors can be up to five times more polluted than air outdoors? Wooden doors and windows, wooden furniture, carpets, cooking gas and vehicle exhaust within the house emit an indoor air pollutant, formaldehyde, that could affect the health of a person. This can act as a skin and eye irritant. When inhaled, it can also lead to many respiratory diseases. Asian Paints, a company that holds innovation at the heart of everything it does, has studied the rise in indoor air pollution and launched a revolutionary new paint as a solution to combat this problem: Asian Paints Royale Atmos – an innovative air purifying paint that not only beautifies your home, but also works towards creating a healthy living environment within your home. This paint was unveiled at a press conference in Chennai with Royale Atmos brand ambassador, Shruti Hassan.

Asian Paints has always teamed up with its consumers to give them exactly what they want. According to a recent study conducted for Asian Paints by Nielsen* in Chennai (261) and Hyderabad (269), among men and women in the age group 30-60, belonging to NCCS A and who are aware of air pollution, 81% of these consumers in Chennai are aware of indoor air pollution and 90% of them fear that indoor air pollution is damaging their health. 57% of these consumers in Chennai did not agree that indoor pollution can be as harmful or worse than outdoor air pollution and more than 41% of them are unaware of sources at home that can emit pollutants including furniture and carpets.

When consumers buy their next dining table, sofa, curtains or carpet, they might be bringing in pollution with them in the form of formaldehyde. While consumers know that they are living in a polluted environment, what causes it and how to avoid it are things that are unknown to them. .

Towards achieving this challenge of providing purer air at home, Asian Paints carried out meticulous research, studies and tests that resulted in the launch of Royale Atmos. The paint works by neutralizing the pollutant formaldehyde in the air, reducing pollution levels within the home and providing consumers and families with cleaner air to breathe. Royale Atmos also absorbs certain chemicals within the home, like nicotine, ammonia & hydrogen sulphide. This also helps in absorbing certain foul odours within the home, leading to a further cleansing of the air.

The technology behind this is Activated Carbon Technology, a first from Asian Paints.

Asian Paints Royale Atmos was found to neutralize 60-70% of the formaldehyde within 24 hours, when tested at an international lab under standard test conditions.

*Based on research conducted by Nielsen, {27 Feb, 2017, Sample size: Chennai (261), Hyderabad (269). Men and women belonging to age group 30-60, belonging to NCCS A and who are aware of air pollution.

Speaking at the launch of Royale Atmos, Amit Syngle, President – Sales, Marketing & Technology, Asian Paints Ltd. said, “Indian consumers are becoming increasingly aware about indoor air pollution and are concerned about its harmful effects on health. We strive to keep our homes healthy and pollution free and Asian Paints is partnering with consumers towards doing just that. With Royale Atmos, the revolutionary air purifying paint, consumers now have a paint that not only looks good, but also helps them breathe better air at home.

Royale Atmos brand ambassador Shruti Hassan echoed the heart and determined spirit that Asian Paints has in making ones home a better place. “A home represents a safe haven, where pure and refreshing air should be a must. At a time when there is high concern amongst consumers that air pollution is ruining our health, Royale Atmos comes to the rescue as a solution to overcome this concern. It gives you exactly what you need to combat indoor pollution, while giving your home a great look. ”

Since its foundation in 1942, Asian Paints has come a long way to become India’s largest and Asia’s fourth largest paint company, with a turnover of Rs. 158.5 billion. Asian Paints operates in 19 countries and has 26 paint manufacturing facilities in the world- servicing consumers in over 65 countries.

Asian Paints has been a defining element in the landscape of colour, paint, wood finishes, retailing and décor in India.

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