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Sunday 14 April 2024
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Travelxp to enter UK mainstream market through Freeview platform global reach to reach 91 million TV homes

World’s leading travel channel Travelxp launching on Freeview UK platform from Monday, 30 th April 2018 (Channel #98); to reach close to 16mn TV Freeview homes
 Travelxp is the first TV channel from India launching in the UK for mainstream audiences
 Will also produce content for UK locally through its UK Production Office, across its popular genres of Destination, Food, Culture, Nature, Heritage, Lifestyle and more
 In India, Travelxp airs the world’s first Tamil Travel and Lifestyle Channel, Travelxp Tamil

Chennai, April 26, 2018: Travelxp, the world’s leading travel channel reaching over 75 million homes and renowned for great multicultural travel content shot for mainstream audiences, is now set to enter another major international mainstream TV market.

Mr Prashant Chothani, CEO – Travelxp, said, “We are delighted to announce that from Monday, the 30th of April 2018, Travelxp will be launched for mainstream audiences in the UK through the popular Freeview Digital Terrestrial Technology (DTT)-based platform which has the largest viewership share in the UK by platform. We are confident that our popular, premium travel-related entertainment and infotainment-driven content will connect with close to 16 million Freeview subscribers all over the UK. We are happy to partner with the Freeview platform, which have helped us become the first Indian television channel that has launched in the UK for mainstream audiences, and we look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.”

Travelxp’s launch on the Freeview platform, which reaches nearly 99% of TV homes in the UK, will add a whopping nearly-16- million TV homes to the 75 million-plus TV homes Travelxp already reaches worldwide. Every television manufactured in the UK after 2008 includes an inbuilt Freeview tuner that enables it to receive channels from Freeview, which is operated by DTV Services Ltd, a joint venture between the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Sky and transmitter operator Arqiva.

Travelxp will also locally produce content for the UK audiences. This will be driven by Sumant Bahl, MD – Europe, Travelxp, who also leads Travelxp UK from its Greater London office.

Bahl said, “We are known for our mainstream approach, which focuses, always, on the entire mainstream audience instead of the diaspora alone as that would limit our reach and impact. For the UK audiences, we shall not only continue to provide our world class mainstream content from our large library of over 1000 hours, we will also produce similarly engrossing and quality content locally in the UK, on all key travel aspects of Destination, Food, Culture, Nature, Heritage, Lifestyle and more. This locally produced content will resonate with the discerning UK audiences, and add immense value to our ever growing content library too.”

UK Marketing plan

For its varied and beautiful travel content, Travelxp has made aggressive marketing plans targeting the large mainstream audience market in the UK. The plans include TV campaigns on mainstream Television and Digital Billboard Screens across the UK on buses, the Underground, and on Social Media, amongst other initiatives.”

The single largest producers of travel content in the world Offering unmatched travel content and broadcast quality, Travelxp is promoted and led by Prashant Chothani CMD & CEO, and Nisha Chothani, Director and Head of Content. Together, they have over 55 years of media experience that has helped Travelxp become the world’s leading travel channel in seven short years since its launch in 2011.

Travelxp speaks the local language of various countries, like English, German, Czech, Slovenian, Serbian, Croatian and Bulgarian, with many more in the pipeline. The Indian languages it speaks are Hindi, Tamil and Bengali, and it has plans to add several more in the near future.

With an end to end in house infrastructure of the latest technology and the best quality equipment, Travelxp’s top notch crews produce extremely high quality programming confirming to and setting global standards. Only last week they announced the launch of two new shows, Thali–The Great Indian Meal, and City Breaks’ Uzbekistan series in 7 global and 3 Indian languages.

Travelxp is also the global leader in 4K HDR technology and all shows on the channel are original in- house productions planned to appeal to the best of global audiences. “Our launch in the UK on Freeview is yet another major step in our mission to help lovers and aficionados of travel explore the best of travel and lifestyle vicariously through Travelxp, and to encourage them to step out and explore our beautiful world in person,” Chothani said.

Content on Travelxp for TV homes on the Freeview network: Travelxp’s most popular shows from its six main categories of Destination, Lifestyle, Food, Culture, Nature and Heritage will be available to UK TV homes on the Freeview network.

Destination: The destination category includes episodes about destinations from popular series like Backpack, Off The Grid, Glimpses, Xplore World, Xplore India, XP Guide, City Breaks, Nordic Quest, Summer Escapes and special series on Nepal – Hope Never Dies.

Lifestyle: The Lifestyle category includes episodes from top series like Unwind, Bliss, World Spas, Great World Hotels, Great Indian Hotels, Best From The Rest, Cruise XP, Tracking Royalty, and more.

Food: The food categories includes episodes based upon local, regional, national and international cuisines, dishes and delicacies from popular Travelxp shows like Strictly Street seasons 1 and 2, Food Fact Fun, Food Highway, Quest and Foodicted, among others.

Culture: The culture category includes episodes from popular Culture-based series like Divine Destinations, World Festivals, The Special Mount Kailash Series, special culture series like Hornbill Festival, Desert Sunset, Rann Utsav, Fair@Pushkar, Spring Fun, and much more.

Nature: The Nature category includes episodes from popular series like Bada Weekend, Hills & Valleys, and much more.

Heritage: The Heritage category includes episodes from exquisite series like World Heritage, Landmarks and more.
On subsequent pages
 About Travelxp Tamil
 Profile of Mr Prashant Chothani – CEO – Travelxp

About Travelxp:

Travelxp is an initiative of Celebrities Management Private Limited, India, and Media Worldwide Limited, UK with interest in broadcast, advertising, media consulting and other related services. The company operates 10 (ten) satellite channels across the globe across its group companies. Travelxp is the world’s leading travel channel and launched Travelxp 4K, the world’s first 4K HDR channel in North America Europe in collaboration with SES and Eutelsat respectively. www.travelxp.tv

Travelxp Tamil: The World’s First Travel & Lifestyle Channel

Travelxp Tamil was launched on 13 th December 2016 as the world’s first Tamil Travel and Lifestyle Channel. The entire look and feel of Travelxp Tamil is localised to suit and engage Tamil-speaking audiences which are over 75 million worldwide. Tamil speakers are present in India and all over the world including Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, the Middle East, Europe and North America.

Travelxp Tamil shows are based on themes of destination, food, heritage, nature, culture and lifestyle, and are filmed in more than 50 countries worldwide. The channel also has the largest library of travel content filmed in high definition.

Travelxp Tamil airs a mix of original shows in Tamil (Damu’s Kitchen, Well Seasoned, Krazee Foodie) along with 100% localized travel programs filmed by Travelxp originally in English, and is all set to move to 100% original Tamil language programming in the near future.

The channel has also commissioned localized programming which is under production.

Travelxp Tamil features Tamil hosts and celebrities in shows with rich and appealing content, thus creating a more vivid television watching experience with high quality standards.

Right from backpacking destinations to beautiful beaches and from luxury hotel stays to lip smacking street food and much more, the shows on Travelxp Tamil keep its viewers engaged.

Mr Prashant Chothani
CEO – Travelxp

With over 30 years of experience and expertise in all facets of the media and broadcast business, Mr Prashant Chothani, CEO and co-founder of Travelxp & Media Worldwide Limited, which owns and operates a global network of television channels.

He has been at the forefront in setting innovative business models and technology advances. An innovator, thinker and strategist, Mr Prashant Chothani has guided and mentored the team at Travelxp to launch the world’s first 4K HDR channel, Travelxp 4K, in North America, Europe, MENA & the Asia Pacific.

Travelxp, the world’s leading travel channel, has become a global brand, distributed to over 75 million homes worldwide. Mr Chothani is also CEO & co-founder of India’s leading music channel network with 4 channels — Music India, Sangeet Bangla, Sangeet Marathi and Sangeet Bhojpuri, under the Media Worldwide Network.

Mr Chothani has also earned high respect for having been a key evangelist of the Media & Entertainment space – from having played a key role in helping lagalize cable TV operations in India way back in 1988, to creating an innovative business model for promotion of film and music brands on television channels, to pioneering the launch of Travelxp HD, India’s First HD television channel in 2011, and more.

And now, Mr. Chothani is leading a passionate team at Travelxp to make it the First Indian Media Group to launch a mainstream English Channel in the UK through the popular Freeview Digital Terrestrial Technology (DTT)-based platform which has the largest viewership share in the UK by platform.

This launch will make Travelxp available in over 91 million TV homes worldwide.

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