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Sunday 25 February 2024
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Global child prodigy Award book cover Launched at Dubai by Royal King Family

There is no second thought on the fact that each child is special and owns an innate talent. Children are guaranteed of success when their natural endowment is shaped with care by the school’s system, parent’s support and guidance of acquaintances.
Above all, it’s very creative to publish the ‘Global Child Prodigy Award book 2017′ featuring all the awardees and their assets. This book definitely imprints a strong impression of the prodigies’ rarity in the society. This provides exposure at international level and is such an advantage.

The Global Child Prodigy Awards Book cover page was launched by Royal King Family His Excellency Suhail Mohd AL Zarooni at Zarooni Palace (Royal Palace) in Dubai, UAE. Well Known Educationist Dr. Regeena J Murli, M.D Jeppiaar Group of Institutions was the Special guest for the cover launch and she extended all supports to organizers for this Book.

His Excellency Suhail Mohd AL Zarooni was also Appointed as Brand Ambassador of Dubai by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam International Foundation by house of Kalam.

On 14th Nov 2014 Shri AR Rahman Has posted on his tweeter and announced about Global child prodigy awards. Many States Chief Ministers and other Prominent Leaders have extended their support for our book.
The event was also supported and attended by Prominent Personalities from India Including : APJMJ Sheik Saleem- Grand Nephew of Dr. Kalam, Dr. K Abdul Ghani -Green man of India, Shiraz Daud Osman- Chairman, Delta Foods, Ansif Ashraf- MD Cochin Herald. ” We are very much thankful to all of them ” Said Prashant Pandey , CEO, of Global child prodigy awards.

Prashant added..

“The impact of the GCP awards on the children is going to be huge. We undoubtedly believe in that. Our hope and happiness is not on the success of the GCP awards but on the growth and ideas that the kids will produce. Their contribution to the society to make it a better place is where our hope lies. I am so proud to see you all here supporting the rising buds of our world.
The GCP prodigies recognized are going to have a step up in their passionate life. It will give them immense opportunities to go high. They will be under the guidance of successful leaders in the respective domains. They will experience one whole year of Knowledgeable learning. The kids will earn their chance to spend quality time in the top schools and universities like the Oxford, Stanford and the IITs. ”

The recognition of the 100 prodigies aged below 15 yrs to appreciate their talent is one of the most ideal event for the world.
“This is something that is need of hour and no doubt this will bring out the hidden talents in society , this platform will give young minds a platform by which they will be recognized globally ” Dr. Regeena quoted.

The main objective of the event is to create a unique mission and to imprint a strong impression of the prodigies’ rarity in the society and to raise the level of the child’s natural power into a successful asset through hard work and keen interest and to also coordinate with the members promoting child prodigies at various levels.

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