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Tuesday 18 June 2024
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Adeline Albert, President of Alliance Française of Madras inaugurated Bonjour India – ‘Painting India’ hosted by Caroline Dantheny on 19th January 2018

Adeline Albert, President of Alliance Française of Madras inaugurated Bonjour India – ‘Painting India’ hosted by Caroline Dantheny on 19th January 2018

Chennai, 19th January 2018:

Following the launch of Bonjour India, Alliance Française of Madras & Lesage Intérieurs-Vastrakala, hosted an exhibition by Caroline Dantheny– PAINTING INDIA EXHIBITION on 19th January 2018 at the Lalit Kala Akademi in Chennai. The guest of honour was Mrs Adeline Albert, President – Alliance Française of Madras. The Exhibition will be open for public from 20th- 28th Jan 2018, 11 am to 7 pm.

Caroline Dantheny studied art and fashion, launching women’s fashion collections under her own name, then creating costumes and unique pieces before devoting herself to painting.

Jean-François Lesage grew up among the gold threads and glass beads of France’s most revered embroidery workshop. Built by his father François Lesage, the House of Lesage symbolised the highest craftsmanship in fashion, providing embroideries to haute-couture labels like Chanel, Lanvin, Balmain, Givenchy and Christian Lacroix.

In 2011, the painter Caroline Dantheny meets Jean-François Lesage. A sincere friendship and a work of art, interweaving the liveliness of abstract painting to the subtlety of embroidery, are born out of this unexpected collaboration. The embroidered linens, exhibited at ‘Painting India’ in Chennai at the Lalit Kala Academy, promise to take us around the world and keep the artistic flame burning bright.

About Lesage Intérieurs-Vastrakala:

For more than twenty years, the Company designs, invents and embroiders by hand, embroideries meant for furnishings and for decoration. These embroideries, be they historical, classical or contemporary, celebrate their attachment to quality hand work and our fidelity to hundreds of techniques and stitches which form the richness of our handicraft. Lesage Intérieurs, descends from a tradition that goes back to over a hundred years. The only hand embroidery atelier in India to be certified SA 8000, Lesage Intérieurs supply the most prestigious historical, classical or contemporary projects across the globe. The company celebrates with passion the talent and knowledge of embroiderers, these discreet but brilliant actors in the service of beauty, savoir-faire and an ancient and yet living craft.

About Bonjour India:

The third edition of Bonjour India 2017-18 is a four-month-long mega voyage across India that will celebrate Indo-French partnership as well as shape the next decade of human exchange between the two countries. From November 2017 to February 2018, Bonjour India covers 100 projects in 33 cities across 20 states & union territories. Bonjour India provides a platform for enduring partnerships across the themes of Smart Citizen, High Mobility, Go Green. Bonjour India is unprecedented given the ambitious scale of its partnership with India. People at the forefront of their fields will share their inspiring journeys as they change society through their innovation and creativity. At events collaboratively organised across cities and disciplines, amid performances, debates, seminars and exhibitions, all audiences will find something that captures their imagination. With Bonjour India 2017-18, India and France will come together to create, innovate and partner towards a progressive and sustainable future.

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