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Monday 22 April 2024
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Sakka Podu Podu Raja Movie Review

roduction: VTV Ganesh Cast: Daniel Annie Pope, Papri Ghosh, Robot Shankar, Sanjana Singh, Santhanam,Vivek, Sharath Lohitashwa , Vaibhavi Shandilya Direction: G L Sethuraman Screenplay: G L Sethuraman Story: G L Sethuraman Music: STR Background score: STR

Santhanam’s Sakka Podu Podu Raja, carrying a big star cast of comedy actors, including Vivek, Robo Shankar, VTV Ganesh, with music by STR, has released today. Let us get on to the review with no more delay.

SPPR is all about the gameplay by Santa (Santhanam) to win the heart of his lover’s family, with the help of his sidekicks, who include VTV Ganesh, Vivek, Vaibhavi, Dr. Sethu, and others. Does he win his mission? Watch the film to know more.

Santhanam has improved his looks, body language, dance and much more but his character in SPPR doesn’t convincingly suit the bill. Known for his casual performance, which is actually missing in this film, he looks artificial. Vaibhavi Shandilya is used as a glam doll. Vivek’s comedies work only in selective places and test our patience at most times. Robo Shankar and VTV Ganesh’s humour and dialogue delivery might be enjoyed by a section of the audience. Sampath’s characterization is very weak. Powerstar Srinivasan appears only in two scenes, but he seems to have fulfilled the expectations set for him.

The film doesn’t offer anything new for the audience, and even the comedies look very old-fashioned with done and dusted counter dialogues. The hero falls in love with the heroine at the first sight, then a song follows suit, then comes the villain introduction, and the proceedings follow further, as expected.

Both Santhanam’s build up scenes and the unnecessary stunts do not supplement the film and alienate the audience from the movie. Usually, in a film of this kind, though we can predict the story, we would be entertained by the comedy scenes. But, in SPPR, there are no such hilarious moments. Also, we can predict the next scene each time, which doesn’t make the game interesting or funny.

The song placements are also a major worry. The screenplay succumbs to too many commercial and masala compromises – and it is disappointing. Even with a stalwart of comedy actors, the film miserably fails to make people laugh. One of the heroine’s dialogues goes like, “Two piece pottu epdi avana piece piece ah odaikren paaru”. This is an example of how the film has been treated.

On the technical front, the film stands average, with good visuals from Abinandhan and decent cuts from Anthony. Unlike the songs, STR’s background music lacks the punch. Had the film been made without any exaggeration or force-fitted comedy, it would have passed off as a time pass entertainer. Unluckily, the film fails to convey its intention and purpose.

G.L.Sethuraman’s writing could have been way more satisfactory, to convince the general audience, and the dialogues could have been written in such a way they connect to it.

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