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Sunday 14 April 2024
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Kalavaadiya Pozhuthugal movie review

Movie Synopsis: The unexpected meeting of two ex-lovers after a long time affect the equation of their respective families

Movie Review: After lying in cans for a long time, Kalavaadiya Pozhuthugal is finally hitting the screens. Like Thangar Bachan’s previous outings, this one, too, is about human emotions, the complexity involved in the lives of a few people.

Porchezhiyan (Prabhudheva) is a car driver, the sole bread earner of his family, which includes his wife Rani (Inbanila) and daughter Yazhini. Rani, an ambitious woman, isn’t happy with her husband’s generous and lackadaisical nature. On the other hand, Chezhiyan, an ardent devotee of Periyar, believes in the welfare of society as a whole, which Rani can’t agree with. But Rani makes sense most of the times as Chezhiyan’s ideologies often fail to feed their little daughter.

One day, while Chezhiyan is on the way back from a long trip, he rescues Soundarraja (Prakash Raj), a rich businessman, who meets with an accident. After the former ensures medical treatment to the wounded, he happens to meet Jayanthi (Bhumika), the wife of Soundarraja, when he is about to leave. He hides himself from her, but the sweet and sour memories he had with her left him haunting even after he reached back home. Further, things proceed in such a way that Chezhiyan gets to meet Jayanthi and Soundarraja. The fate which once separated Chezhiyan and Jayanthi is bringing them closer, though they are aware that they can’t be lovers anymore like they were in the past.

Thangar Bachan’s strength has always been strong characters and pure narration. This film, too, has its artistes emoting in the best possible way. However, the film which was made almost a decade ago, fails to hold attention sometimes as both cinema and audience have changed over the years. Though the actors have stayed true to their portrayals, the story or the visual appeal gives a feeling that it is an old film, and it is evident, too. Nevertheless, it’s been a while since audience has seen the true lives of people, their pure feelings, desires and regrets, in an undiluted way.

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