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Tuesday 18 June 2024
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Kodi Veeran Movie Review

Production: Company Production, M. Sasikumar
Cast: Bala Saravanan, M Sasikumar, Mahima Nambiar, Pasupathy, Poorna, Sanusha, Vidharth
Direction: M Muthaiah
Screenplay: M Muthaiah
Story: M Muthaiah
Music: N.R.Raghunanthan
Background score: N.R.Raghunanthan

Sasikumar teams up once again with his Kuttipuli director Muthaiya, for Kodiveeran, an action-packed rural drama with an impressive star cast. Kodiveeran has a very thin plotline, all about the fight between a good-hearted, honest hero and a ruthless hard villain, with vengeance being the underlying theme.

The title card sequence is so beautifully captured, thanks to the visuals by S.R.Kathir, who sets the mood perfectly. It gives a good start to the film, but as the narration flows, you meet all the usual characters and their cliched dialogues. ‘Kuthuven’, ‘Poduven’, ‘Poda Veippen’, ‘Usuroda vida maaten’, are a few examples of dialogues that feature in the movie. ‘Ayyo Adi Aathe, En Kannu Kaadhu Mookke’, ‘Raga Raga Ragala, Ivan Ragalaikku Ellam Sagala’, are the few lyric lines. There is no sort of freshness in the writing department, both in dialogues and lyrics.

Three male characters, namely, Sasikumar, Vidhaarth, and Pasupathi have three sisters, Sanusha, Mahima Nambiar, and Poorna respectively, and incidents that change the lives of these people is what Kodiveeran is all about. When you have these many characters, you can play well with them, and use them efficiently, which actually doesn’t happen. Director Muthaiya’s films are known for the strong sentiment relationship, which is there in Kodiveeran too. This time, it deals with the sister sentiment, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work strongly in the film, unlike, Komban and Kuttipuli.

Another problem with Kodiveeran is that, though, there are two-three people with negative shades, no villain, is menacing or threatening. The film’s duration is an issue, and especially the first half, which is a tad too long with a running time of nearly 90 minutes. The scissors could have been used more wisely and effectively to have made the film tauter.

It is a cakewalk role for Sasikumar, who’s done numerous films of this kind, and this characterisation. He’s done his part well but fails to hold the audience with his screen presence. An outstanding performer like Pasupathi is wasted in a very usual villain role, which doesn’t have any intensity. Sanusha is sure to attract the audience with her casual and lively performance, whose chemistry with Sasikumar, works big time.

Poorna’s dedication to her character in the film needs a special mention, and she has lived the role of an angry young woman, who wants to avenge her opposition party. Mahima’s screen time is comparatively less, and she doesn’t have anything vital to do, to move the screenplay forward. Balasaravanan and Sasikumar’s uncle provide comic relief at selective places. Vikram Sukumaran’s characterisation is confusing and lacks clarity, and he has not been used in a role of significance.

Raghunanthan’s background score is just about average, and the re-recording is very loud, making the whole scene noisy. S.R.Kathir, shows his finesse, with the neat colour tone, and perfect framing. As said earlier, a lot of work could have definitely gone into the editing, and the makers could have chopped off a few minutes. Though we know what to expect from Muthaiya’s film, Kodiveeran would have worked much better if his screenplay was treated refreshingly.

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