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Sunday 14 April 2024
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Kurangu Bommai Movie Review

Movie Title
Kurangu Bommai
Star Cast
Vidharth, Bharathi Raja, Kumaravel, PL Thenappan
When potential biggies are limping at unable to satisfy the public, small gems made by debutants like Nithilan comes as a pleasant surprise. Earlier this year, we witnessed Lokesh’s Maanagaram, one of the best nonlinear hyperlink cinemas and now, with Kurangu Bommai, Nithilan joins the elite club of promising debutant Kollywood directors of 2017.

Sundaram (Bharathi Raja) is an innocent loyalist, who work under businessman and smuggler Ekambaram (PL Thenappan). Sundaram’s son Kathir (Vidharth) cares for his dad but hates him for being a right hand to Ekambaram.

For Sundaram, Ekamabaram is a real savior because he helped when everyone considered him as a peedai (curse). So when Ekambaram asks Sundaram to smuggle a 5cr worth idol to Chennai, the latter readily agrees.

Ekambaran hands over the idol to Sundaram in a bag with a Monkey logo (Kurangu Bommai) and the old man has to safely deliver to a broker named Sekar (Kumaravel) in Chennai. But the greedy Sekar tells Ekambaram that Sundaram did not come to his house and sketches a plan to loot the 5cr money.

Meanwhile, in Chennai, Kathir sees an elderly man travels with the monkey bag at a bus stop and a local thief snatch it away from him. Kathir chases the thief and gets the bag but he is unable to see the person who lost it. What Sekar did to Sundaram? Can Kathir save his dad? Watch Kurangu Bommai on the big screen

Unlike Maanagaram, Kurangu Bommai lacks technical finesse but the film has a tightly knitted screenplay and solid characterizations. Though Vidharth is the protagonist of Kurangu Bommai, the film belongs to Bharathi Raja and Kumaravel, especially the former steals the show with his shaky body language and dialogue delivery. We have only seen Kumaravel as a harmless good man in films like Abhiyum Naanum, Mozhi but to see him as a deadly evil in Kurangu Bommai is a revelation.

Vidharth must be appreciated for continuously selecting good scripts and understanding the important fact that the core story is important than heroism.The guy who played the thief is a great find and he provides the comic flavor without deviating the screenplay.

Ajaneesh Loknath’s background score is one of the biggest strengths of Kurangu Bommai, his score elevates the tense moments and Abhinav Sundar Nayak also deserves a special mention for his smooth and sharp edit. The running time of Kurangu Bommai is just 106 minutes, which is perfect for a crime thriller.

Overall, Kurangu Bommai is a quality crime thriller, which will definitely satisfy all movie lovers.

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