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Tuesday 16 July 2024
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Saathi Aaa independence Day Song From Saintunes Kumar Narayanan

The song is a call for universal brotherhood. A call for unity among us… to hold hands in joy as well as in despair… to respect one another and be the personification of a nation that stands together unmindful of the barriers of cast, class, creed and culture.

Let us sing and dance for the love of our nation and derive joy and happiness; let us live and work in our own motherland and make her prouder… every moment.

Let us be the perfect example of Unity in Diversity for the world… so that peace and tranquility persists in the universe… to leave a greener, better world for future generations.

Let us take the oath of Universal Brotherhood.

Composer: R. Kumar Narayanan

Programmer: Sajan Shenoy

Singers: Sairam, Jananie SV, R. Kumar Narayanan,

Sajan Shenoy, Manish Jain, Indu Sawhney,

Siddhant & Diksha.

Lyricist: Udaykumar

Sound Engineers: Jagan Kalyan & R. Kumar Narayanan

Recording, Mixing & Mastering @Saintunes Studios

Sketch Artists: Kumar Narayanan & Raghu

Editor: Robinson

Edited @Saintunes studios

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