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Tuesday 18 June 2024
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Sathura Adi 3500 Tamil Review

Sathura Adi 3500′ is an investigative horror comedy that revolves around a police officer and a ghost. This Jaison’s directorial seems to have lacked all the important elements of a horror movie. It basically lacks the proper script and doesn’t generate any empathy for characters.

First, the film lacks a proper script. Next, it lacks a hero who can emote at least in a couple of scenes. Its ‘comedy’ scenes lack humour. Its ‘horror’ scenes lack even a bit of dread. Its actors lack enthusiasm, and even the seniors phone-in a performance just for the pay cheque. It lacks good music. It lacks good visuals. It lacks the basic thrill that a film involving a murder, a ghost and an investigation should have. It lacks empathy — for the poor audience who might buy a ticket for the film in the hopes of having a good time.

It is surprising how talented actors such as Kovai Sarala, MS Bhaskar and Thalaivasal Vijay have accepted this movie. They might have disappointed at the stage of filming itself. ‘Sathura Adi 3500’ doesn’t have a single element to boast of. As said before, most good actors do nothing in the film. The lip-syncing is unbearable.

Rating – from newindianexpress
athura Adi 3500 is plagued by all the issues that usually afflict its kind. The lip-syncing is horrific. The heroine, in one scene, almost seems to be chewing gum, as the dialogues play on. The acting is wooden. Some of the actors, including the hero, Nikhil Mohan, seem quite ill at ease reacting to the lines of other characters. The characters also talk in loud asides. When scared by a supernatural presence, one character loudly says, “Yaarayum kaanum.

Funnily, the horror in ‘Sathura Adi 3500’ is not frightening and the comedy doesn’t have humour. The film is badly written and no performance is mention-worthy.

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