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Saturday 22 June 2024
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Dated : 28th July 2017

What would you start your day with? Mobile, Whatsapp, Newspaper, Music, Tea….Most Indians life is incomplete without a cup of refreshing tea in daily course of life.However, the hunt for a very nice & quality tea is still on for many tea lovers.
Tea Trails, the first chain of dining tea café in India has launched their new swanky & largest outlet @ Nungambakkam,Gee Gee Emerald complex right at the Sterling Rd-College Rd signal. Tea Trails Café will spread energy, happiness and contentment through refreshing warmth, freshness & vitality of our gourmet offering.

With 1500 sqft area, it is more than just a café for its customers, thathas unique elements such as a closed conference roomto conduct their business meetings, story discussions, interviews, video conferencing, product showcases. It has even provisions & packages to promote day long ‘work-from-café’ concept, idle for tele-working & travelling executives across borders. It also has a platformfor new product & book launches, art & photo exhibits, showcasing raw talents like live bands, standup comedies, karoke, that will enhance the experience of its customers,whether it is for business meetings or relaxing with friends & families.
Tea Trails serves gourmet Teas from around the world and have an exquisite range of Teas fromhot to cold varieties, regular to extravagant flavours.Offering customers chance to experience over 80 varieties of fresh teas with various blends and added healthbenefits, flavours ranging from white to green tea and oolong to herbal tea, bubble teas with fruit base &Tapioca, Caffeine free Tisanes like Himalayan spice, Red zen, Detox tea.

Tea Trails also has a unique offering of Tea–food pairing. It has on its menu food items that canbe paired with specific Teas.It further specializes in elaborately tea-infused food menu. Customers can now eat tea, not just drink it. The signature tea infused dishesinclude Burmese Tea Salad, Tea Marbled Eggs, Tea Infused Thai Bowl and more.
The franchise is owned by Sindhu &Biju Balan who had left the corporate world and plunged into entrepreneurship through his new venture ‘The last bench company’ that aims to make a difference tosomeone’s life thru food, health & fitness by way of organic farming, outdoor fitness boot camps, and this healthy tea trails cafe. With passion, Tea trails aims to give its customers a unique experience sprinkled with aroma, taste, art, music and variety.
The outlet will be open from 7am upto 11pm offering an all-day dining menu with breakfast, waffles, new range of fritters, pakodas, open sandwiches, fresh dough pizza, salads, main courses, affogatos.
Food so cool, you will stop and drool. And amazing drinks that make you think.

Tea Trails Cafe,
G4, Gee Gee Emerald,
151/4, ValluvarKottam High Road,
(Sterling Rd-College Rd Junction)
Nungambakkam, Chennai – 600034
Call: 044- 4856 4857 / 89 39 813 813
Timing: 07am to 11pm

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