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Sunday 25 February 2024
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The Taiwanese Film Festival On 31st July 2017

The Taiwanese Film Festival On 31st July 2017 at Russian Centre for Science & Culture, 74. Kasturi Ranga Road, Chennai – 600 018.

The festival will be inaugurated by Mr. Charles C. Li, Director-General, Taipei Economic and Cultural Center in Chennai.

Taiwanese Film Festival Scheduled From 31st July to 2nd August 2017

Also Find Attached Synopsis and Stills For More Information.

Taipei Economic & Cultural Center in Chennai &
Indo Cine Appreciation Foundation
Taiwanese Film Festival

The Losers / Dir: LOU Yi-an / 2013 / 112 min (31.07.2017 – 6.30 pm)
Hsiou-tsai is an amateur actor in Taipei, who chooses to go back to his hometown Meinong and work on the family farm due to his financial burdens. However, on his return, he finds out that the land has been speculated, and farms altered into villas. Mei-hsia’s husband has left her alone at home to take of their rebellious son A-Pan. After Mei-hsia and Hsiou-tsai meet again, their relationship starts to change. In this historicals Hakka settlement, how can one find a solution for the spread of modern dilemmas?

Partners in Crime / Dir: CHANG Jung-chi / 2014 / 89 min (01.08.2017 – 6.00 pm)
On his way to high school, Huang witnesses the death of Chia, a teenager in their high school, along with Lin and Yeh, the other 2 students from their high school, whom Huang has never known before. Her dead body lies in front of them, and this shocking image ties their fates together, and this twisted fate is going to change their high school lives forever cause they are now partners in crime… Because of all different reasons, Huang, Yeh, and Lin start their own investigations in order to find out the truth for Chia’s death! AWARDS: 3 Nominations

The Boar King / Dir: KUO Chen-ti / 2014 / 102 min (01.08.2017 – 7.30 pm)
During a disastrous typhoon, Cho loses her husband, Ying. Their Hotel can now barely survive as the source of their Spa, the Boar Hot Spring is buried by a landslide. Yet as their fellow villagers desperately sell off their land and move out, they receive invitation cards from the decreased Ying. Is Ying really dead? Can the buried spring find another way out? Cho tries to find the answer to Ying’s secrets through the DV tapes that Ying left behind. By way of this journey she waves goodbye to the past and find the new direction for her life.

A Time in Quchi / Shujiazuo ye / Dir: CHANG Tso-chi / 2013 / 109 min (02.08.2017 – 6.00 pm)
10 year old city boy Bao has been sent to Quchi, a riverside town outside of Taipei, for the length of the summer. Struck in a rural home, Bao ignores his eccentric, recently widowed grandfather. But as the summer progresses, Bao slowly comes out of his shell and make friends with local elementary school children. However, life has a way of throwing curveballs at us when we least expect them. When problems, occur, Bao must navigate his journey into adulthood. AWARDS: 7 Nominations

Tomorrow Comes Today / Ni de jintian he wo de mingtian / Dir: CHEN Ming-lang / 2013 / 83 min
(02.08.2017 – 7.50 pm)
A Chinese food delivery boy is looking for his mother in New York City. And the picture he carries as his mother is actually a picture of Marlene Dietrich. It’s a black comedy about living in between cultures and how an individual finding a masculine identity in such environment. AWARDS: 2 Nominations

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