Wednesday 26 October 2016
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Udayam NH4 Music Review

Movie: Udayam NH4
Music: G.V. Prakash Kumar
Director: Manimaran

Song: Indrodu Thadaigal
Singers: Srinivas and Ramya
Lyricist : vali
A peppy song. A typical vally nothing new from him. As the song rolls on we feel like dancing just for the sound of it.

Song: Maalai Pon Maalai
Singers: SP Charan and Bela Shende
Lyricist : Rajkumar
A nice song on the move. A nice composition, as the song goes on we can visualize the montages. A wavy with a little body movement unconsciously happens. The lead guitar gives a intrigue feel and foot tapping extensions comes throughout the song cute.

Song: Ora Kannala
Singer: Gana Bala
Lyricist : gana bala
A gana bala song with his own lyrics as usual a gana song. The percussion typical and the singing as expected. The development of the tune makes it live and interesting.

Song: Vaa Iravugal
Singers: Ajmal Khan, Amrith Viswanath and G V Prakash
Lyricist : Kabilan
A party song. The extensive decorated song solely made to attract youth listeners. I wonder how kabilan fit into this kind of song. The singing is little harsh not come as easy, forced ecstasy. The tune doesn’t cop up as it reaches the climax.

Song: Yaaro Ivan
Singers: Saindhavi and G V Prakash
Lyricist : na. muthukumar
A typical song of G.V. Saindavi sound again a forced husky voice to make it sweet and romantic, at least we can happy to listen to her unlike G.V. As for as the tune is melodious with foot tapping rhythm. His own copy. But cool to listen. The seasoned Na. Muthukumar perfect with the tune and brings us a smile with few line.

Finally a all new G.V Prakash Kumar except one song… May be the songs are composed keeping Telugu audience in mind. Is it good or bad but as a composer we welcome you for trying new things.

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