Tuesday 25 October 2016
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Paradesi Movie Review

Who else but for director to portray the realities of the under-privileged and neglected sections of the community. From Sethu till Avan Ivan, had come with some gripping tales that has brought repute to Tamil cinema.

His latest Paradesi is no different. Starring Atharva, Vedhika and Dhanshikaa in lead roles with music by G V Prakash, Paradesi is a stark reality on the travails of plantation workers set in 1940s.

The movie chronicles the struggles people faced working in tea estates and their miserable lives. It is inspired by an English novel Red Tea.

The movie predominantly speaks about Ootu Porukki or Rasa (Atharva), who lives a life on his own. The movie begins in Sellur village in 1930s. He meets Angamma (Vedhika) and is love between them. The live and customs of the people in the village those days are effectively portrayed.

The grand mother of Rasa comes up with catchy and hilarious one-liners.

After drought, the villagers believing the word of a landlord sets out to work in a tea estate in a distant village. Sadly the landlord goes out of his promise and starts treating all in a crude manner. Meanwhile Angamma becomes pregnant. When rasa wants to go and see her, he could not. The landlord breaks his legs. Also those working there including Maragadham (Dhanshikaa) suffer miserably. The rest is all but what happens in the climax that ends on a rivetting note.

Atharva is tailor-made for the character. He is flawless and pours out right emotions. Both Vedhika and Dhanshikaa gives their best.

Songs are melodious and suits the theme.Bala has proved why he is the master of filmmaking with Paradesi.

Verdict: Perfect ten

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